Brigantine is a thriving community that boasts an excellent public school system, beautiful beaches, first class restaurants, and top-notch modern services, yet still retains the peaceful, community nature rarely found elsewhere in New Jersey.


Karen Bew, Mike Riordan, Dennis Haney and Angelo Sciarra are working to keep it that way and preserve our special quality of life.


These are incredibly challenging times and many Brigantine families have been hit particularly hard by the economic crisis in Atlantic City.


Thankfully, those families won’t have to worry about a new tax increase on top of all their economic hardships. The new Republican-led Council fought to deliver a 2016 TAX CUT, under the most difficult economic conditions.


Bew, Riordan, Haney and Sciarra will work with the City Council to continue their efforts to provide a stable, secure, and prosperous future for every resident in Brigantine.

The Republican Record:
  • Municipal taxes have DECREASED over the last 2 years

  • Negotiated new public safety contracts, SAVING $20 million

  • Voted AGAINST the Democrats two tax increases

  • Ratable base rose by $5.4 million – the first gain since 2009

This year, lets continue the progress!